UK - HMRC - Supporting Small Business: Making tax easier, quicker and simpler

HMRC wants dealing with tax to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so giving small businesses greater confidence and certainty.

In 2012 we published commitments to make tax easier to understand and make ‘doing tax’ quicker and simpler.

We’ve updated our online interactive publication showcasing the improvements and new and enhanced products and services that HMRC has developed. It contains links directly to those services and products - helping small businesses to get their tax right, first time.

We’ve structured the document around a number of themes, so businesses can dip in and out of the sections that most interest them, including:

  • delivering new and enhanced digital services: for example our flagship new digital service, Your Tax Account, allowing businesses to manage their services via a personalised homepage

  • delivering better help, support and guidance: setting out what is available to small businesses, such as live seminars, mobile apps and payment support

  • supporting business to grow: information on the new Employment Allowance of £2,000, as well as other tax reliefs and incentives

  • modernising our processes and services: how we’re transforming our services to be simpler and more straightforward